5 Reasons Being an Author Opens Many Doors for You.

Being an author will open many doors

When people think of authoring a book, they see the hard part of it more than the benefit it brings to the author.

 If your  primary motive for writing a book is  to hit the the New York Times bestselling list , then, you are probably heading in the wrong direction. 

But  here is what authoring a book can do for you beyond putting money in your pocket.

Recruiters perceive you differently 

Nothing builds trust faster  than presenting a book as THE AUTHOR. 
Recruiters know that writing a book is hard. And if you can do it,  it reveals  you  could be trusted to accomplish assigned tasks.  
Even if you were not the one who wrote the book, let’s  say you hired a ghostwriter to write it for you, so long  as it bears your name, recruiters will perceive you differently from your competitors.

A quick way to sell yourself

Writing a book is a good way to position yourself as an expert in your domain. It gives you an extra edge over your competitors.
People believe more in what they see than in what they hear. No matter how smart you are, if you have  nothing feasible to show for it, those who do will have an edge over you. 

Promotes visibility.

When you share ideas from your book via social media, and especially on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other media coverages, it enhances your visibility to potential recruiters and customers. 
As a problem solver, people get to  know you more and do business with more. 
 It could open doors for paid seminars or workshops organized by you or invited as a guest speaker.

It is a growth opportunity 

The best way to  grow faster in your professional domain is to engage in a worthy  task. Authoring a book tops the list of tasks to  scale up your skills.

Here is why:  

As an author, you are obliged to learn soft skills like  digital marketing , public speaking  and information technology . The demand for these high income  skills in an evolving tech society  pays bills more than certificates. 

In my case,
I learned how to edit videos because I needed to market my books  via Youtube.
I learned how to format, edit, and publish books  via online channels. This has become a side hustle for me.
My scope of learning is broad because  writing goes alongside reading. You cannot be a great author if you are not a voracious learner.

It builds trust faster.

People quickly perceive authors as trustworthy individuals. Thus,  it’s easy to recruit followers and position yourself  as a leader even if what you write is untrue. 


Certainly, not everyone is going to be an author because some people  think writing a book is not a worthy goal.
Maybe you are one of them. 
You think: 

No one is going to read your book

You won’t be able to sell enough books to make money

You do not have the skills to pen down any information.

It takes so much time and resources to write a book.

People don’t read these days

It’s hard to get a publisher to publish your book.

You are not educated

You do not have mastery in that domain.

It’s a daunting task

Writing a book is not something you  cherish

You lack words to express my ideas

Obviously,  if you line up 101 reasons why you cannot be an author, you will give up the goal.
Not everyone has the skill to write a book, but being an author does not always require the skill of writing.

We all know that writing a book is hard. But, I’ve always advocated  that you don’t need to be a writer to be an author. 
What you need is an idea and a ghostwriter.
If you need help authoring a book, hit me up, and straightway, we’ll begin the process. 

Make your mark by authoring a book. It will open many doors for you.

Let’s make the best out of you. Make it snappy.


Author: Jini, is a prolific author and founder of Teachersletters Publishing Services. As an award winning teacher with a Cambridge International School in Doaula, he has 13+ years of teaching experience in writing, student-centered learning, bible teachers training and educational leadership. He is consider as one of the best keynote speakers of his time.

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