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Divine Responsibility

What do you have in your hands?

God gave our first parents Adam and Eve, four things to manage: Work, time, money and people.


This book talks about  the four major aspects of stewardship; how you manage your time, finances, people and work.


9 Life skills that will pay you off tomorrow

What skills are you developing today to prepare you for an unforeseen crisis tomorrow?


Straightway, discover the skills you need today to become a person of value tomorrow.

360 public speaking

So many of us have grown up not being able to talk—let alone stand and express ourselves and fluently in public.


The ideas in this book will provide you with a straight forward guide on how to excel in public speaking.

Speak like a Pro!

When an expert writes on the subject of public speaking, they seem to override skills needed in smaller settings and for businesses.


This book gives you an opportunity to develop public speaking skills that can help you grow your business, or increase your productivity in the workplace.

Student-centered Bible Teacher

Traditional ways of teaching the bible are largely limited to oral questioning and lecturing.


This book contains many strategies on how to deliver student-centred bible lessons where students construct their own knowledge rather than receive it passively from their teacher.


Hello, Mr. Jini. Greetings from my end. It is Ms. Valette. It is with such a grateful heart that Iwrite to you this  morning to testify of the transformation I am getting from reading your book
“Divine Responsibility.”
It is driving me crazy. The sense is Wow. So exceptional.
The only book I have ever read with a pen and a paper next to me. Taking down notes as
though I was preparing for an exam.It is a brilliant piece, sir, I must commend. Trust me….Saaaah!! Reading your book has restructured my mindset and built my desire to read more books. Thank you, sir, and keep it up.Keep inspiring me!
I am your number one fan.

Valette Mangie

School Teahcer

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