The 60 days Challange

Hey, I’m Shei Jini. I’m determined to make you an author in less than 60 days. My only question is, are you ready?

Write and Publish your book in 60 Days!

Three months ago, I posted  a message on Facebook about the 60days writing challenge! It read like this:
Hey! I’m Shei Jini.
If you have an idea and do not have the time or the skills to transform it into a book, feel free to outsource it to me.  I call it the 60 days challenge. I will write and publish for you in 60days or less. All I need is an interview with you to get and transcribe the content into words.
Three days later,  I got about seven  contacts requesting  that I transform their ideas into a book.
Straightaway, we began the process, and  in less than 3 months, I completed three of the projects. 
Results don’t  lie!  Here are they:


Fonkwo Edmond

An amazing guide for teachers on how to use Zoom meeting for their lessons.
The book was launched  in December 2020 and it was a great success.

Njamsi Roland

A cryptocurrency millionaire who penned down some interesting facts about making  money in the 21st century. I personally learned a lot from this book and I’m sure it will go viral  immediately  it is  launched in 2021.

Dr. Lysinge Albert

A spiritual/ medico-health book that refreshes the soul.
Although we didn’t take part in the writing process,  we published it on Amazon KDP.
Dr. Lysinge looks forward to launching  the book in 2021.

Who’s next?

If you are willing to have your book written and published in 60days, now is the time to grab the opportunity.

I’m about to launch the next set of offers to the first 6 applicants before the end of February 28.

We’ll make you author in less than 60 days.


If you miss this opportunity, you might have to wait for  three to four months for the next session.


The 60- Days Book Challenge Timelime.


We agree on how much you’ll invest in the project. Then you submit your manuscript/content in the format best suited for you.


You  look through the first draft and propose corrections if any.  We polish your it  and make suggestions on how to phrase your title,headings and subheadings (not more than 5 days).


You will look through the second draft and propose corrections if any (not more than 5days.)


You print hard copies of the third draft and distribute to a few friends and family members for proofreading (not more than 7days.


We format the interior pages of the book (3 days)


First draft delivered  in less than 20days.


Second draft delivered in not more than 15days unless otherwise.


Editing process(not more than 7days.)


We effect all the corrections and we both agree on the cover design based. During this time, you provide us with any other relevant resources such as  foreword, dedication, acknowledgements, author’s Bio or photo(not more than 5days.)


Book published online. Final soft-copy  sent to you through your personal email (not more than 5days).

Have ideas but can't pen them down?