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You don’t need to be a skilled writer to be an author!

Do you have a story, a lesson or an idea  you wish to transform into a book? What about generating content for your business or career?


There are two things you’d need: an idea, and a ghostwriter.


Maybe you are not familiar with the term Ghostwriter.


Let me explain.


A ghostwriter is a freelance writer who gets paid to deliver your idea into a book—whether as an eBook or a print book.


Gone are the days when writing was reserved for big names in the industry. Nowadays, even those who haven’t seen the four walls of primary one have their books all over the place. The examples are endless.


Over 90% of best-selling authors on New York Times ranging from politicians to businessmen and CEO’s do not sit down to pen their own books. Most of them hire ghostwriters to transform their ideas into a best-selling book.


You too can do the same.


If you have a great idea but do not have the time or the skill to organize it into a book, why not hire a ghostwriter and watch him/her do the miracle.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

If you do not have the time and/or the skill to write a book, it  makes sense to outsource it to a ghostwriter. It is cost-effective, saves time and you end up with a quality book. Ditch the idea that you need a college degree to become a successful published author. All you need is an idea and a ghostwriter.

I know you might ask:

But why should I write a book in the first place? Who will read it? How will I sell it?


It is a lame idea to think that the purpose of writing a book is to hit a bestselling mark on New York Times before you consider it a success. If you think that way, you are wrong.


A book automatically positions you an expert in your domain. It is the fastest way to gain credibility in the business world.


It can also be used as a promotional item(a lead magnet) and marketing tool for your business.


Writing a books is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy in the world.


And lastly, it can earn you a stream of passive income simply by existing on Amazon KDP.

A Breakdown of Our Ghostwriting Services

Content creation

8 Steps to your Book Creation Process


Step #1: Book outline

If you already have some content in form of a typed manuscript, it makes work lighter for us and cheaper for you. But if you have no typed manuscript, or just a few contents, we’d expect you to provide the outline of your book.

If you can’t generate an outline, we will step in to provide technical support.

However, you must be the one to provide us with the working title of your book and what it is all about.

Step #2: Costing

Once we have gathered all these details on manuscript or book outline, the next step will be to negotiate the cost of your project based on this pricing scale.

Step #3: Contract

If we agree on the cost of your project, we will send you a contract letter detailing all our agreements for you to sign before work begins.

We’ll both sign the contract and work begins as soon as you must have deposited at least 50% of the total cost of the project.


Step # 4: Transcribing/content creation.

With an outline, we will organize interview sessions and audio-recordings with you to transcribe each point on outline into texts.

If you live in a far off distance, you could channel your audio or video recordings to us via Whatsapp.

Once we’re done  transcribing each point on the book outline, we’ll begin straightaway with editing the book.

Step #5: Editing

There are three major editing processes.

  1. Copy-editing
  2. Developmental editing
  3. Proofreading

Developmental editing

At this stage of editing, we make your book standout by giving it a logical sequence through adequate pacing and coherence. It is the most expensive kind of editing because it gives direction and clarity to a book.

We may occasionally add content if the you have limited content to supplement your book.


Also known as line editing, it is the process of fine-tuning a book to enhance readability.

At this stage, we focus on typos and grammatical errors, use of correct  punctuation’s, consistency, cross references and a wide variety of details such as specificity, eliminating vague sentences, clearing off clutters, replacing words with other synonyms, and rewriting passive sentences into active voices.


This is the last, and most neglected part of editing.

If any error slips into a manuscript, our role as proofreaders will be to catch them all, and make corrections before publication.

We proofread a book alongside the client at least four times before the last publication. It would eliminate typos by 95%.

After editing comes formatting.


Step #6: Formatting.

Formatting simply means to package the content in such a way that visual readability enhanced.

In formatting interior pages, we focus on paragraphing, indentation, spacing, pagination, styles, font type, page size and section breaks.

For non-fiction books, our recommended standard page size is 5.5*8.5 inches.


Step # 7: Cover page

At this stage, you make a suggestion on how you want your cover page to look like.

From here, our cover page designer conceives the idea and generates your desired professional cover-page.


Step #8: Publishing

If you want your book published on Amazon KDP, we will create an account for you and have your book publish in their name with a free ISBN from Amazon KDP.

  • We deliver quality on time. If there is any delay in product delivery, hold yourself responsible. Not us. Our yes is our yes.. No excuses! And I mean, No excuses!
  • Quality: We believe in the spirit of excellence. Our writings are clear, engaging and eye-catchy. We write to keep eyes glued to the screen, or on paper. 
  • Relationship: We prioritise relationship building as writers. Our process goes like this: we deliver your product on time, you appreciate it; we make corrections if any; we polish your work; you close the deal, and then we meet again.  

Who says you need a huge budget to write a book? Even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can begin with what you have at hand. We charge in blocks and in bits. We charge each stage independently, if you wish.

  1. Flexibility: As professionals, we bring our expertise into with the writing process to meet your specific needs, and to provide you with a quality book that meets traditional publishing standards.

Are you ready to work with us?