Content Pro!

Write like a Pro!


Digital Marketing Strategist

Offer masterclasses on how to drive customers down the sales funnel, convert, engage and nurture leads into customers.



As a non-fiction author with seven published books under my belt.



Help  people  write and publish their own  books in less than 60days.


Keynote speaker

I offer seminars, workshops and masterclass courses on leadership, writing, digital marketing  and  student-centered teaching strategies.


Student-centered teacher

With 13+ years of teaching experience, I have gained enormous skills on how to deliver student-centred lessons with key emphasis on virtual learning.


Christian educator

Train bible teachers on how to deliver Christ-centered lessons.


Top Values

➔ Integrity
➔ Timeliness
➔ Leadership


My passion

I love to express my ideas and opinions on screen and on stage.

I keep my writing skills garden-fresh by posting articles on my blog on a weekly basis.


Favorite verse

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven


my writing journey
Always dreamt of being a Physician

I had always wanted to be a medical Doctor from childhood.

I did everything it took to become one, but I couldn’t get into Med school.


So, I decided to be a schoolteacher.


Amazingly, I realized I was an outstanding teacher than I thought

Never thought I had writing skills too!

One day, my pastor asked me to teach a lesson on dating during a family week program.

After the lesson, the audience wanted me to put it in writing.

To my greatest dismay, it turned out to be an outstanding piece of writing.

Later on...

I transformed it years later into a small book and made some good sales from it.

There on, I started writing voraciously. I couldn’t do without writing.

It was like food and oxygen to me; a deeply-rooted passion.

That’s how I became a writer.

Have ideas but can’t pen them down?