God hires and fires. Not your boss!

When God wants to release the leadership potential in you, He allows your boss to fire you, or he causes another boss to hire you.

From a single seed, a forest is born. But if you place a seed with a forest-potential on a tiled floor for many days, it will never produce a forest. It will die.

Your environment plays a major role in shaping your destiny. God is in the business of moving his faithful’s from one environment to another for a purpose, and for a time (Ecclesiastics 3:1.)

From Abraham to Moses, to David and to Joseph, God kept moving them closer to their destiny by changing their environment.

God called Abraham to leave his natal home and move to a land where He’d show him. Without questioning God, Abraham moved to Canaan. If he’d stay in Luz, he wouldn’t have been the father of all nations.

Jacob the cheater fled from his father’s entourage and to his uncle Laban. After working for his uncle for over 21 years, God blessed him with much livestock and a large family. If he’d stayed with his family at Beersheba, Esau, his brother, would have killed him.

Joseph went through a painful experience in Egypt—from Potifers house to Prison.  His brothers had sold him to traders so as to kill his dream. While in Egypt, God raised him as governor in a foreign land.

With all the royal privileges Moses enjoyed in the Egyptian palace, he fled from Egypt under hostile conditions. God humbled him for many years and eventually took him back to Egypt to liberate his people.

If the people you work for do not value your input, start asking God to move you from there. I’m not insinuating you quit your job. Rather, while exercising patients, do not entrust your destiny in the hands of man.

God holds the steering of your life, not man. There is nothing wrong with asking the pilot of your life to change your direction because you are no longer comfortable in your environment. And guess what! God would move you at His own time and for your own good.  

But one more thing! God does not move people for the sake of moving them. He moves people with a sense of purpose. If you don’t ask, He will not move you; because you do not have a sense of purpose.  

Ask and it shall be given unto you. All you need is to let God lead you while you exercise faith in Him.

Never weep when something bizarre happens to you in your workplace—like losing a job. It’s God’s making.

God will move you closer and closer to your destiny if you work with integrity, and have a sense of purpose.

If not, you’ll stay put in one position. And like stagnant water, you will stink.  The time to move is now.

Author: Jini, is a prolific author and founder of Teachersletters Publishing Services. As an award winning teacher with a Cambridge International School in Doaula, he has 13+ years of teaching experience in writing, student-centered learning, bible teachers training and educational leadership. He is consider as one of the best keynote speakers of his time.

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