Steal Our Timeline: The 60- Days Book Challenge

The worst thing a business person can do is to make constant excuses to his clients for undelivered products or services.

This kind of attitude kills trust and undermines the integrity of a business.

Our publishing service provides you with a simplified timeline on how we’ll progress with your work from start to finish.

Here is a simplified timeline of our book creation process .


We agree on how much you’ll invest in the project. Then you submit your manuscript/content in the format best suited for you.


First draft delivered  in less than 20days.


You  look through the first draft and propose corrections if any.  We polish your it  and make suggestions on how to phrase your title, headings and subheadings (not more than 5 days).


Second draft delivered in not more than 15days unless otherwise.


You will look through the second draft and propose corrections if any (not more than 5days.)


Editing process(not more than 7days.)


You print hard copies of the third draft and distribute to a few friends and family members for proofreading (not more than 7days.


We effect all the corrections and we both agree on the cover design based. During this time, you provide us with any other relevant resources such as  foreword, dedication, acknowledgements, author’s Bio or photo(not more than 5days.)


We format the interior pages of the book (3 days)


Book published online. Final soft-copy  sent to you through your personal email (not more than 5days).

Why work with us?

  • Timeliness: We deliver quality on time. If there is any delay in product delivery, hold yourself responsible. Not us. Our yes is our yes.. No excuses! And I mean, No excuses!
  • Quality: We believe in the spirit of excellence. Our writings are clear, engaging and eye-catchy. We write to keep eyes glued to the screen, or on paper. 
  • Relationship: We prioritise relationship building as writers. Our process goes like this: we deliver your product on time, you appreciate it; we make corrections if any; we polish your work; you close the deal, and then we meet again.  
  • Flexibility: As professionals, we bring our expertise into with the writing process to meet your specific needs, and to provide you with a quality book that meets traditional publishing standards.
Author: Jini, is a prolific author and founder of Teachersletters Publishing Services. As an award winning teacher with a Cambridge International School in Doaula, he has 13+ years of teaching experience in writing, student-centered learning, bible teachers training and educational leadership. He is consider as one of the best keynote speakers of his time.

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